Ghislain Rodrigues

About me

My name is Ghislain Rodrigues, software engineer currently based in London, UK. I love to code, as part of my job as well as a hobby. When I don't code, I like to travel and take photos, read, build Lego, meet up with friends and cook.

I like things well done, sharing what I know with people around me. I consider myself enthusiastic, curious, and always looking for new knowledge.

I am very interested in Game programming, created a small game (clone of the Floodit game) in C for the GCW-Zero console. I also have different ongoing projects (most of them accessible on Github).

In 2018/2019, I followed an online course on Unity and created 4 2D games.

For me, sharing information is invaluable and I am always happy to share what I know and learn from people. At work, I regularly give workshops on advanced features of Git, or about various programming topics. You can find my slides here.

Have a look around, at my CV, Github profile and interactive website, and feel free to contact me.