Ghislain Rodrigues

About me

My name is Ghislain Rodrigues, I am a positive, empathetic and passionate developer who loves to solve problems and constantly seeks new topics to learn and understand. I see programming as a craft, and I care about doing it well.

Over the course of my personal and professional career, I have worked with diverse languages (such as Golang, Python, C, C++...) and value the variety of approached knowing different technologies bring.

In my opinion, writing good quality software, in an elegant and maintainable way is part of my role and a mandatory step in order to complete a task.

I work with the motto of "leave the place in a better state than how you found it".

Team work is important for me, I work better in collaboration with people, building things together, through discussions, pair programming and code reviews. I am an approachable person and always welcome questions, it is important for me that my coworkers feel that they can be vulnerable with me.

As a user, I also believe in accessibility and simplicity. It is important for me to build well made, friendly products for users.

I am also passionate about Git, care about using the good workflow for a given need, very happily give presentations about it, help my teammates understand the tool better and can talk for hours about it!

I am a nerd.

When I don't code, I like (among other things) to:

For me, sharing information is invaluable and I am always happy to share what I know and learn from people. At work, I regularly give workshops on advanced features of Git, or about various programming topics. You can find my slides here.

Have a look around and feel free to contact me.