Ghislain Rodrigues

Search pattern to easily find a conflict in a file

When, during a merge, a rebase, a stash apply/pop, a conflict occurs, browsing the conflicting file to find the conflicts may be boring.

Here is a vim search to search the lines containing a begining ( <<<<< ), middle ( ===== ) or end ( >>>>> ) of all the conflicts of the file:


Because it’s a bit bothering to remember, here is a mapping to write in a .vimrc:

map gn /\(<<<<\\|====\\|>>>>\)<CR>

Once in the .vimrc file, type “gn” to search for this string. Type then ‘n’ to go to the next match.

From that, when I want to remove a whole section of a conflict, I go to the start of the section to delete (<<<<< or =====), type ’d' and then ‘n’ to reach the end of the part, which will delete it.